YOGA peace and relaxation

Find a quiet place. Roll out your mat, breathe, stretch, and focus. Anyone can escape the everyday anywhere.

RoadsideYOGA was born on the roadside while crewing for the MS run the US relay in summer of 2016. The relay goes from Santa Monica Pier, in California to New York City. While my job entailed anything from driving the RV, to crewing the runners to taking pictures and helping managing the social media sites. With two 200-hour yoga certifications, I got to work one on one with each of the ultra runners utalizing what I have learned through YOGA and helping them undo what the repetition of running a marathon a day over the course of multiple days can do. So, we did YOGA literally on the side of the road, on the side of the mountain and on the side of our RV. Basically praticing the idea that yoga can be done anywhere and by anyone. And that was when roadsideYOGA as born.

While working with ultra runners and athletes is rewarding, I love that idea that yoga can be molded to suit anyone. While is a great tool for atheletes to enhance their game, with anyone it is both a phyical and mindful practice that provides so many benefits.

My goal is to help bring this idea to everyone helping them find a practice that works for them.

YOGA stretching on the side of the highway